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Packing Tips for DULOG CUSTOMERS

If you properly pack your goods/items, which you want to ship, they will reach their destinations safely. Here are some tips on safe packaging:

  • Surround each item with at least 3 inches of cushioning and place each item at least 3 inches away from the box walls.Use enough cushioning materials to ensure contents don’t move even when shaken during transportation.
  • Use a new corrugated box, used boxes may not adequately protect your shipment . If you use a used box, make sure it is rigid and in excellent condition.
  • Remove old address labels from previous shipments and hazardous materials labels.
  • Packing, in most cases, will be the main protection (insurance) against shipment damage (unless new/ factory packed). All the insurance in the world won’t protect an improperly packaged shipment from damage. The main thing to remember is to use your best judgment when packaging an item for shipment.
  • Crating, pallets and heavy gauge cardboard should be considered for delicate items. Heavier, tougher items (like a cast iron stove, for example) wouldn’t need to be packed so carefully, but mobility must still be kept in mind Selecting the range of packing supplies.
  • Boxes should be filled to capacity to avoid them tipping. Use a wardrobe box for clothes to help them keep in shape. You will need protective wrap for your delicate belongings. Bubble wrap is the ideal way to protect your electrical items.

Methods and materials we provide for moving

Everyone has their ways of packing. Some people need help and advice and some people can do it themselves. Whatever the situation may be DULOG can help.We provide many services to our customers. So that their burdensome relocation can be comfortable and enjoyable.

We provide 3 major services:

  • you can do it all
  • we can do it for you
  • we can help in limited jobs that you want us to do

You do it all:

We can provide bubble paper, cartons, tape etc. at an inexpensive rate. This is a good way to remove all the unwanted items from your house and take only the valuable items to your new place. After we provide all the boxes you can take your time to pack. Later, we can come and collect all the stuff needed.

Some items are difficult to packlike sofas, refrigerator, microwave etc. So we can provide you some workers that can make your work much easier. We can help in limited jobs that you want us to do: Sometimes the date for moving is near and the packing isn’t done. So we can provide you some workers that can make your job faster and easier. So that everything can be finished in time.


  • Cartons of all sizes.
  • Bubble paper.
  • Wrapping paper like newspaper.
  • Good quality Tape of around 5 to 2 inches wide.
  • Marker.
  • A lot of space and this all can be provided by dulog.


  • Little things matter the most. We can help you relocate your things safely.
  • It always helps to create a carton with the label that says “open first” which contains all the useful
  • items such as medications, toiletries, first aid kit, garbage bags, phone, light bulbs etc.)
  • Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes.
  • ALWAYZ TAPE THE BACK OF THE BOX! So the things contained in the box do not fall.
  • Wrap the fragile items in bubble paper, pack them loosely in the box and label the box “FRAGILE”.
  • Create a coding for the boxes like numbers, alphabets or label it by rooms so you are aware where all the things should be placed.
  • You can also calculate your moving expenses using a salary relocation calculator which are available in the internet.
  • Do not pack personalized and important documentslike passports, car documents, anything relating to the purchase of your next house (!), diaries, insurance and medical documents etc.
  • It is always better if the fridges and freezers are emptied, cleaned and defrosted.
  • Update all your contacts to your new address and phone number if they would like to keep in touch with you. We can provide you with address cards.
  • Avoid stacking heavy
  • items onto soft furnishings
  • Please DO NOT pack or move any flammable items.
  • Survey your belongings closely. If a particular item is of great concern, make a note of it and point it out to your representative. They are always interested in your concerns. Sometimes, a photograph or video can be an excellent way to document your special belongings. If it is a high value item, it is advisable to create a High Value Inventory List.


  • Computers All computers first must have the power turned off.
  • Remove the computer disk or CD from the machine and place it in its cover.
  • CD Players All CD players first must have the power turned "ON".
  • Remove the CD(s) from the machine and placed in its cover(s).
  • WARNING: Never ship a CD player with a disk loaded in the unit!
  • If you do need some items you can either donate them or have a garage sale to sell them.
  • FRAGILE ITEMS: Always wrap items made of glass first with wrapping paper like newspaper and them wrap it with bubble paper. So the chances of it breaking are less. Put them loosely in the box.

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